You know it probably already: a well made drink is as much about its taste, as about the esthetics. Knowing that care has been put into the making will add to the total experience and give that little extra. The ice you choose to go along with the drink is probably the single most important component in this creation, and also the part you can influence the most. Using Dirigo Swedens product line you can create totally transperant ice and mold it into shapes which will give your creation a look beyond the ordinary.


Ice Molds

Ice Mold Inserts

Clear Ice Maker

The ice mold consists of a two-piece solid aluminium housing and various colors to choose from. Each housing can be equipped with a insert, which determine the shape of the molded ice.  Whether you like a sphere of different sizes, a heart, a clementine or a diamond, this can be done with an easy quick adjustment.

 5500 SEK (with VAT)

 4400 SEK (without VAT)

The inserts fits inside the ice mold, and determines the shape of the molded ice. We have many shapes to choose from, depending on what fits your taste.

In order to achieve that picture perfect clear ice it needs to freeze in a particular way. Dirigo Sweden offers a special ice maker that will give you six cylinder shaped blocks within 30 hours. All you need is a freezer and some regular water. The result fits perfectly into Dirigo Sweden’s ice mold.


1750 SEK / 1400 SEK

(WitH VAT / Without VAT)

Sold out - Expected in February 2019

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